PianoDisc 228CFX

Yet another PianoDisc control unit was introduced in the evolution of this system in 2001. The 228CFX offered an improvement over previous control boxes in several ways.


The 228CFX offered users an all in one control unit which played:

• 3.5” floppy disks

• Specially formatted PianoCDs

• Music Expansion (MX) flash memory storage or MX Platinum

The slimline control unit can be either mounted on the piano or located up to 100 feet away, using the included infrared wireless remote control.

Upgrades available for the 228CFX system included:

• MX Platinum (Requires SymphonyPro and powered speakers)

• MX Basic

• SymphonyPro (Requires powered speakers)


PianoMute Rail (Requires SymphonyPro and TFT MIDI Record)

• PianoAmp


• No longer available

• Warranty: 5 years parts / 90 days labor

• Repairs available

Upgrade available. See our PianoDisc Upgrades page and contact us.

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