PianoDisc Upgrades

PianoDisc has been on the market long enough, and added so many improvements in that time, that we have begun to see an upward trend in upgrading older systems of previous installations. We have done quite a few upgrades, even replacing other types of systems (Pianocorder, Pianomation, Disklavier) and are happy to discuss this with you. Please contact us.

New SilentDrive HD Upgrade Just Announced

The latest improvement in the PianoDisc player system has just been introduced – the SilentDrive HD technology which offers remarkable improvements in playback with a number of features. Available in all new systems as well as an upgrade to previous PianoDisc installations.

If you do not yet have a PianoDisc system installed on your piano or are considering a new installation on a different piano, see our PianoDisc Installation page.